Classes and Prices


Baby and Infant Nursery Rhyme Time Classes (Age 6 months-22 months)

Through a combination of music, nursery rhymes, child poetry, movement and sensory props, this parent and baby class is professionally run and introduces your precious little ones to language, sound and speech in a meaningful and engaging way. A perfect time for bonding, stimulating your child's senses and meeting up with fellow mums and dads. Classes run for a 12 week term. The price per term is €120.

Pre-School (Age 2-4)
Tots Speech and Drama

Tots Speech and Drama gives your little ones the chance to step into a land of pure imagination every week. Where self-discovery, self-expression and shared creation are encouraged at all times. Tots get to dress up in costumes and perform each week, where their ideas are encouraged, building their confidence while gaining language development and articulation skills through the colourful use of drama games, children's poetry and improvisation.

* Dress up Speech and Drama Class
Tots Dress up Speech and Drama consists of improvisation games, imagination exercises and dressing up in a huge range of fancy dress costumes (from superheroes to fairy tale princesses to animals and more) and acting out different fairy tales, stories and poetry each week. Classes run for a 12 week term. The price per term is €150.

* Disney Musical Theatre Class
If your tot is a fan of Frozen, The Little Mermaid, The Jungle Book, Toy Story, Cinderella and more then this class is for them. Tots get to re-create scenes, singalong and bop to their favourite Disney classics. They also play some improvisation games and become part of the fairy-tale. Classes run for a 12 week term. The price per term is €150.

*Discounts available for tots looking to attend Dress up Speech and Drama and Disney Musical Theatre.

Primary (Age 5-12)
Junior Speech and Drama 

Our fun, lively Junior Speech and Drama classes are filled with drama games, improvisation, role play, prose, poetry alongside performance and speech techniques to inspire our students to explore their world, tell stories, make up characters and build confidence. They are encouraged to work as a team and discover all forms of self expression including voice, face and body language. Diction and vocabulary are developed and all children are encouraged to shine. Classes are held over a 12 week term. The price per term is €160. *Sibling discounts available. 

Junior classes are divided into two age groups:
*Shooting Stars (age 5-8)
*Stage Stars (age 9-12)

Secondary (Age 13-18)
Inters & Seniors Speech and Drama 

Lights. Camera. Action! These classes are filled with acting and performance techniques, role play, improvisation, poetry, prose, voice coaching, drama games, characterisation and creative thinking. Every week students are presented with a variety of stimuli to create scenes and situations both fact and fiction. Students are taught to develop self expression, imagination, self confidence and given the key tools to pursue an acting career. Classes are held over a 12 week term. The price per term is €160. *Sibling discounts available.
Classes are grouped by age into Inters and Seniors:
*Inters Speech and Drama Classes (age 13-15)
*Seniors Speech and Drama Classes (age 16-18)


Would you love to perform on stage in a musical? surrounded by an audience? Then is class is for you!

Our Junior Musical Society commences January 2020 and runs for 16 weeks. Every week we focus on rehearsing scenes, staging, singing and choreography of our chosen musical. Our Musicals are especially chosen and adapted to allow every child to  have the opportunity to shine. A high level of commitment and enthusiasm is required for this class. Please note that the Junior Musical Theatre Society is only open to students already attending a speech and drama class at The Carrick Academy of Speech and Drama. Places are limited so please ensure to book early to avoid disappointment!