About us

The Carrick Academy of Speech and Drama is built upon a welcoming and all-inclusive ethos, where every child and young adult is encouraged to shine, build self-esteem, nurture creativity and develop talent in a warm and professionally run environment. We cater to all ages with all abilities. The Carrick Academy of Speech and Drama is founded and run by Speech and Drama Teacher Lorna-Pia Greene BSc., MA., LRIAM. Lorna-Pia holds a Licentiate Diploma in Speech and Drama awarded by The Royal Irish Academy of Music. Lorna-Pia is also a registered member of Ireland's professional association of Speech and Drama Teachers of Ireland. Lorna-Pia has many years of experience, from training in some of Dublin's most established performance arts schools such as Take 2 with Pamela Hughes, The Betty Ann Norton School of Acting to performing lead roles in musicals, taking part on Irish Television, and competing at nationwide feis, where she has been a gold medal winning recipient. However, it is Lorna-Pia's love of working with children and encouraging them to find their inner voice while building their confidence which she finds the most rewarding. As a mother of two, Lorna-Pia understands that every child is wonderfully different and nurturing their imagination, building their confidence and giving them a platform to express themselves creatively is not only great fun, but also helps them build essential life skills and self-esteem.